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BTS: Lil Norman, Start to Finish

You know that feeling when you can't make decisions? That was me.. trying to decide which project to use for this blog post. Ultimately, I left the decision to you! I gave you the option of seeing Lil Norman's creation from start to finish or seeing my gorgeous machines get dressed up in their Rally Felt Co. vinyl decals. The result was an overwhelming 75%-25% in favor of our self-proclaimed mascot. Lil Norman!!

Norman is the title character in the book Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell by Sue Hendra. Our felt adaptation of Norman the Slug (affectionately termed "Lil Norman") has become a mascot of sorts for Rally. The guy is just so dang cheerful and explorative. We love a protagonistic, personified gastropod 🙌🏼

As with each felt creation, Norman began as a Photoshop doodle. I tweaked and twerked him until he was just right. Here is a little peek at what his donut doodle process looked like.

Soooo nice, right? Who doesn't love a good timelapse?

Ok after Norman and his donut shell are designed and ready, they take a quick trip through the interweb to my Cricut Design Space. Once in Design Space, I adjust any sizing and formatting; formatting is only a concern when I am cutting bulk numbers. When I'm just cutting a single slug, I don't worry much about being efficient with felt.

Can you see it yet??

Now we get to the cutting. I'll cut a donut, a frosting, Norman's body, and Norman's body accent out of their respective felt colors. I use Cricut's rotary blade for all of these.

Real important question here.. what can I do with the leftover donut hole?!

Now we will switch from cutting felt to cutting vinyl. Iron-on vinyl requires the standard blade rather than the rotary blade.

Mmkay! We have cut all of our vinyl and felt. (Not pictured are the green and glitter vinyls, my big bowl of kettle corn, and my crippling anxiety.)

Glue these lil mamas.

Grab that iron (or your Cricut EasyPress--seriously the nicest) and plug 'er in.

Let's start with Lil Norman's exuberant face. I'm going to iron on the whites of his face first.

Now I'll iron on his little black pupils.

There he is!

Now let's finish Norman's boujee donut shell. I iron on his sprinkles in phases (you can scroll to see it because I'm a really fancy blogger).

Ba-da-boom!! He is a treasure!

Norman and his friends.

Norman's shell collection in its entirety.

Norman A-la-Candy-Sprinkles when he was featured in a Valentine's Day Giveaway (because Norman is the Valentine we all deserve).

Sometimes I look at Norman and just giggle with delight. Am I the only one? I will shout about Cricut cutting machines from the rooftops for making Norman and every other Rally cut so clean and professional.

Thanks for reading! My boys just want to play with Norman's felt now that I've been cutting it all morning 🙈What are you waiting for?! Go play with yours too!

Rikki Bow

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