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Playtime with the Cricut EasyPress 2

Are we ready for May's book reveal?! My friends, this book couldn't be more perfect for springtime. I'm using my EasyPress in mint (I ADORE ALL OF THESE MINT EDITION PRODUCTS) to reveal this month's featured story.

*NOTE* Subscribe to the Book & Felt Box by Sunday May 5th to receive this month's box! Click "" above or click HERE.

Ready? Let's go!

Mmk, let's start with supplies.

For this lil reveal, I used an assortment of iron-on vinyls, my weeding hook, a paper cutter, my retro, almond-colored making tape dispenser, some white felt, my gorgeous champagne Maker, and my two Cricut EasyPress 2's. You don't need both! I just like to play with both sizes.

These EasyPressses. Can we even? The mint color is so soft and saucy and I'm living for it. Just for a bit of background, my girls and I use irons to apply vinyl to the monthly felt kits. Irons do the job...painfully...inconsistently, and slowly...but they do it. I knew that the EasyPress would help make our vinyl job easier, but it wasn't until it was in my hands that I realized how much.

A few things I love about these guys that I am no longer willing to compromise on:

1. Hands-free functionality. My iron requires my hands at all times. The EasyPress can work while I work. If it requires extra pressure, I set a book on top 😏Now that I say that out loud, I realize it might be a fire hazard 😂Put a silicone hot pad under the book, folks 🙌🏼

2. The bottom is completely smooth. NO HOT SPOTS and no iron marks in my felt 🙈

3. Temperature is controlled manually. I have full control over how hot I want it. Cricut has resources that take the guess work out of it too. Their online reference guide will tell you what temperature and how long to set your timer for depending on your materials. It's fantastic.

4. Timer. It's no secret that I like efficiency, right? Well, the timer allows me to assembly line without having to keep track of how long it has been sitting for.

5. I love the base. That may sound lame, but it's among my favorite parts. Something about not hauling out my ironing board and not always worrying my kids will accidentally burn themselves just puts this thing over-the-top for me.

Shown here are the 6"x7" and 9"x9" EasyPresses. I love them. The small is EASILY more functional than my iron, and the medium just has so much surface area. It is so efficient. I can't wait until I can get my hands on the large EasyPress for me and all of my girls! I keep affectionately calling it the Big Mama. Big Mamas are going to be such a game changer for my team, and we will get them as soon as our budget allows 🙌🏼


I loved all of your guesses about May's book. SO MANY OF YOU WERE RIGHT! I put everyone who guessed into a random picker and the winner of May's Book & Felt Box is @michellenaomi81! Congrats Michelle! (Reminder that this fun lil giveaway was not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or Cricut. Just by me, Lil Rik 🤗)

Watch the video below for the reveal!!

Did you guess it?! Are you familiar with this book? Lois Ehlert is a fan-favorite here at Rally. Jump back over to Instagram and tell me what you think!

Again, make sure you are subscribed by this Sunday, May 5th, to receive May's Book & Felt Box. Click "" above or click HERE.

That's it for now, my friends! Thanks for your patience as I have continued to work through technology complications, life, and Maddie pouring syrup on my keyboard 🙈If there are any extra letters or rogue capitalizations, you know why 😘

See you on Instagram!

Love and learning,

Rikki Bow

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1 commentaire

26 oct. 2020

Hello Rikki,

This looks a great idea for my grandchildren.

I have a question...If I sign up for (3) months do I choose the 3 books I want? Also... I can’t find the coupon now. One more thing... is shipping free each month?

Let me know.



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